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Wheel Size Check

1) Function
2) Composition
3) Checking Range
4) Requirement

Checking size each type respectively entering wheel P/Free Roller
Conveyor, Size Checking Unit, Stopper 4 or 6 Consecutive Inch &
Material (Steel or Alloy)
- Type : Power & Free Roller Conv. (W550 × L800)
- Roller should be applied to Hard Cr Plating
- Motor : 0.1 Kw
- Install chain cover at the side of the conveyor
- Install chain cover at the bottom of conveyor to prevent falling any dust and residue
Size Checking Unit
- Entering wheel is detected by Photo Sensor
- Check the diameter and width
- Check the material of steel or alloy
- MC Nylon should be applied at the stopper & any plate to contact the wheel for preventing Wheel Scratch

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