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1) Function
2) Composition
3) Type
4) Pressure Sensor
5) Pressure Control
6) Air Pouring
7) Shuttle Pitch
8) Range
9) Weight
10) Initial Position

Inflate air into the tire assembly
Lifter Unit, Dome Unit, Air Pouring Circuit
2-Dome Type(Covered 4 Inch)
F-370, Automatic air pressure sensing & control system
F-370(Sensor System) + Regulator
Power Valve/Shut-off
4 Consecutive Inch
Max. 40Kg/Ea
Initial Position
- Lifter at Down Position
- Center Cone at Up Position
- F-370 Pressure sensor is basic method for air pressure
  control and also set-up the regulator system in case of
  trouble of F-372 System(Build up parallel structure)

Tire Assembly Machine

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