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 Tire Assembly Machine
- Tire Transfer
- Tire Soaper
- Tire Size Check
- Presetter
- Shuttle Conveyor
- Mounter
- Mark Matcher1
- Mark Matcher2
- Inflator
- Load Simulator
- Wheel Size Check
- Wheel Transfer
- Wheel Soaper
- Wheel TPMs Orient
- Pre-Hole Detector + Valve Inserter (2 Station)
 Tire Assembly Line
 Storage & Conveyor
 Factory Automation
 Technical Truck
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Merits of HAMCO's Wheel & Tire Assembly Machine

Metrits of HAMCO's Tire Assembly Machine
1. Standardization of equipment by accumulated technical know-how.
2. Safety Products by manufacturing as the user's specification.
3. Simple Maintenance by standardization.
4. User's satisfaction by ceaseless research activates.
5. Low price by equipment reflected commonality.

Tire Assembly Machine

Wheel & Tire Assembly Line

Storage & Conveyor

Factory Automation

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